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Can I join Breadalbane 657


There are certain requirements that have to be met before you can be Initiated into Freemasonry, which are


A belief in a Supreme Being irrespective of which religion you belong to, atheist's are not admitted into Freemasonry.

You must be male and at least 18 years old 

You must be of good character and law abiding - free of criminal convictions

Joining under your own free will without being coerced by any other person.


Historically Freemasons are discouraged from actively recruiting or asking non-Masons to join the fraternity. This is to insure that candidates come of their own free will. So don't wait to be invited. If you're interested, then act. Basically, if you know a Freemason, ask him about membership. He will be glad to tell you all about the Craft and the local Lodge, and give you a petition if you wish to join. Alternatively use the form on the contacts page and our Secretary will be happy to advise you. to The rule is;-"to be one, ask one!"

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